Geology-Based Animations

For the company I currently work with, we went through a development process to create an online geology-based course called GEOvirtual. This course would allow students to learn about geology concepts by viewing high-end 3D animations, to interact with content in a fail-safe lab area, and to be tested on their knowledge-retention.

During production, my team and I developed learning objectives, edited scripts, created storyboards, performed some rudimentary UX/UI design, and created animations and 3D assets which are utilized within a 3D game-type simulation.

The first animation below was created during the initial conceptualization phase of the project. Along with my team, I had created short animations that demonstrate specific geological functions, which in this case is a volcanic eruption. If watching this, you may want to be aware of the volume, because it is pretty loud!

The second animation shows how the boundaries of the Earth’s crust interact with one another using “geoblocks.” These “geoblocks” are small slabs of the Earth depicting the continental and oceanic crust all the way down to the asthenosphere.

Copyright 2008 Lachina

Copyright 2012 Lachina

  • Role Senior 3D Biomedical Artist, Storyboard Artist, Script Writer, Content Developer

  • For Lachina

  • Date 2008-2012

  • Type Online Course

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