Management Whiteboard Concept Movies

My Responsibilities

For this project, I led a team of animators, storyboard artists, subject matter experts, and editors to produce 78 animated concept clips for the subject matter of management. These animations are utilized in an online learning management system within five different online courses as a way of reinforcing specific concepts for the subject matter of management.

Production Workflow

My team was responsible for the full production of all of the animations, including script writing and editing, storyboard production, voice over procurement, sound effects and background music design, animation production, and final rendering and distribution. As the lead for the project, I oversaw the development of the scripts, providing creative input to the writers and subject matter experts for both the script direction and visual ideation. Through a prototyping stage of development, I worked closely with the client to develop a visual style for the animations that would appeal to college-level students that would require remediation for specific management concepts.

Once the scripts were approved as final by the client, the scripts were handed over to the storyboard artists, and the script was handed over to the voice over artists for narration recording. I not only rendered many of the storyboard panels myself during this stage, I provided creative direction and quality oversight as well as sound effect design. After my review, the storyboards were submitted to the client for their review and approval.

The approved storyboards along with the final voice over files, approved background music, and approved sound effects, were then handed off to the animators for animation production and file rendering. I reviewed each of the animations from other animators as well as produced some of the animations myself and edited some previously created animations. Below is an animation that I had created and edited.

Copyright 2014 Cengage Learning, Copyright 2014 Lachina

  • Role Art Director, Animator, Storyboard Artist, Writer, Quality Assurance, Team Lead/Manager

  • For Cengage Learning, Lachina

  • Date September 2014

  • Type Web Animation

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